EasyZone Cloud Router change log

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v2.6.4 (15-12-2017)

- add load balance 2,4 wans

v2.6.18 (15-09-2019)

Fixed bug

- Fixed democracy bandwidth shapping
- Fixed missing interfaces on edit bridge and reboot
- Fixed double bandwidth count records 

New Added

- Add Hotspot > security > walled garden for allowed domain/ip without reboot
- Add walled garden status
- Add apply without reboot
- Add auto bypass EasyZone Viewer Server IP

v2.7-BETA (25-09-2019)

- Add Auto Sync Cloud Configuration

v2.7-bugfix (27-10-2019)

- Fixed remote log failed on http and https log
- Add dhcp log to cloud
- Fixed cloud auto sync failed after update new firmware