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In providing internet services in hotels or cafes with many branches Entrepreneurs will prefer to have an internet account with the room opening.

Or with a payment slip for a coffee shop To reduce the workload of employees And reduce internet card printing The team has developed the cloud api system.

To connect between open rooms Or payment program for drinks in coffee shops To be able to connect to the cloud to create an account

The method is as follows:

1. Login to the Cloud system

2. Select Hotspot to manage

3. Click to enter the Billing menu.

To create a group of applications for hotels or cafes, which can determine the speed and remember the days that customers want to use as needed

Screenshot from 2019-03-10 14-02-56.png

4. Go to the API menu and select Billing that you have created.

Screenshot from 2019-03-10 14-04-20.png

5. The system will display the script for connecting the API of PHP program by your programmer. Will connect the system with our cloud api through this system

And the system also has scripts for VB.NET as shown

Screenshot from 2019-03-10 14-05-21.png

'Note: 1 billing is equal to 1 customer group. If the hotel pms program has multiple customers The programmer must reference the group code according to the code in the billing plan system to separate customers. '