Match to Mac Authen setting

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A school has 200 teachers. They want to login once and remember.


Make Mac Authen system


Admin must record the Mac address of the teacher. To log in to Mac authen. If the teacher has 3 devices, Admin must save 300 mac address.


Create Match to Mac Authen (Advanced) system to save Mac Address automatically.

1. Create billing plan Mac authen


2. Create billing plan Teacher for the import user password teacher and teacher name.

3. Select the Match to Mac Authen (Advanced) menu and select the billing plan that is mac authen.

Approved = immediately use mac authen.

Pending = Waiting for admin approval. Can use mac authen of that mac address.


4. Print the card to the teacher. Login first. The system will add the Mac address to the Mac authen system automatically. Teachers don't have to login user again ....

5. Set up in mikrotik device to support mac authen login