SSL Certificate setting for Login by HTTPS on Mikrotik Hotspot Login

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' 'Setting up SSL Certificate Login by HTTPS for Mikrotik Hotspot Login'

'Has the following methods'

1. Download the SSL Certificate file (EasyZone customers, please contact LINE ID: @easyzone)

2. Upload files to mikrotk device via winbox


3. Import the certificate by going to menu / system> certificates.

Choose file, press Import


Choose file


Select file cl.key


4. Set up service ssl 443 by going to ip> service menu. Select Certificate as picture. After that, press OK.


5. Set up the login by https by going to the menu / ip> hotspot> server profile> select profile and check the check by https and select the certificate as the picture. After that, press OK.


6. Set dns name to 'by going to menu / ip> hotspot> server profile> general> dns name as shown.


7. Login into the cloud system of easyzone and create a billing plan and set auth type to PAP in the billing menu> advance setting. After that, click Save and finish the setup process.

Screenshot from 2019-07-29 12-50-49.png