Service Authen Setting (All/PPPoE/Hotspot)

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Setting up Service Authen (All / PPPoE / Hotspot) to control the use of the account that is exactly as the customer has purchased.

The methods are as follows.

1. Login to the Cloud system

2. Select Hotspot to manage

3. Click to enter the Billing menu.

Screenshot from 2019-07-29 12-24-44.png

4. Choose to create a Billing plan. Here, you will set up a 365-day billing plan. You will need to use Hotspot only.

Plan type: prepaid or postpaid

Plan name: name your plan

Download: Speed ​​download

Upload: speed upload

Usage period: set the usage period, set to 365 days

Price: Not required

Screenshot from 2019-07-29 14-39-25.png

5. Press the Advance setting button

Service: Hotspot


ุ6. Click Save . '