Understanding Session Termination Causes and RADIUS Termination Cause Codes

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Code Value Termination Cause Description

1 User Request = User initiated the disconnect (logout).

2 Lost Carrier = DCD was dropped on the port.

3 Lost Service = Service can no longer be provided; for example, the user’s connection to a host was interrupted.

4 Idle Timeout Idle = timer expired.

5 Session Timeout = Subscriber reached the maximum continuous time allowed for the service or session.

6 Admin Reset = System administrator reset the port or session.

7 Admin Reboot = System administrator terminated the session on the NAS; for example, prior to rebooting the NAS.

8 Port Error = NAS detected an error on the port that required ending the session.

9 NAS Error = NAS detected an error (other than on the port) that required ending the session.

10 NAS Request = NAS ended the session for a non-error reason.

11 NAS Reboot = NAS ended the session due to a non-administrative reboot.

12 Port Unneeded = NAS ended the session because the resource usage fell below the low threshold; for example, the bandwidth-on-demand algorithm determined that the port was no longer needed.

13 Port Preempted = NAS ended the session to allocate the port to a higher-priority use.

14 Port Suspended = NAS ended the session to suspend a virtual session.

15 Service Unavailable = NAS was unable to provide the requested service.

16 Callback = NAS is terminating the current session in order to perform callback for a new session.

17 User Error = Error in the user input caused the session to be terminated.

18 Host Request = Login host terminated the session normally.

refer : https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/topic-map/session-termination-causes-codes.html