Why PPPoE status go red?

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Normally, using the PPPoE-Server system via the cloud system, Online status via the Cloud system will show the status of User Online in gold and provide additional details such as ip address, amount of data in use. But if the status of PPPoE is red, it means the system has Login Error. You can see the error from the IP address of the PPPoE Client received from the Radius system as shown below.


13.xx.xx.xx = invalid username means the system is logged, where username is not valid.

14.xx.xx.xx = user is expired means the client's username has expired.

15.xx.xx.xx = invalid auth type on client (CHAP, PAP) means that the settings in the client device do not match the system, ie CHAP, PAP. The client may set to MSCHAP both Set in PPPoE-Server on Mikrotik and set in PPPoE Client on client's own router

16 .xx.xx.xx = user is blocked user of user has been suspended

17 .xx.xx.xx = service is incorrect. The user is not compatible with the service, such as this user can only be used with the hotspot, but the user used with pppoe. The system therefore displays the error.


Basic troubleshooting

1. Closing the router device at the customer's home. In some cases, it may be caused by the router that the client machine caused to cause incorrect login settings.

2. Reboot your Mikrotik device so that Mikrotik clears the settings and restarts the system.