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'What is the Auto Sync Cloud Configuration system?'

Auto Sync Cloud Configuration is a gateway hotspot device configuration system through the cloud to facilitate system administrators. In system management

And reduce travel costs to the job site A system profile can be created for every job site to retrieve settings from one location.

'--------------------------- Start using firmware version 2.7 or later ------------ -------------------- '

(Instruction manual included [ E0% B8% AD% E0% B8% 81% E0% B8% B2% E0% B8% A3% E0% B9% 83% E0% B8% 8A% E0% B9% 89% E0% B8% 87% E0% B8% B2% E0% B8% 99_EasyZone_Cloud_Router 'EasyZone Cloud Router User's Guide' ))

'Enable Auto Sync Cloud Configuration setting'

'Turning on the system at the router'

Normally, the auto sync system will be enabled automatically since the firmware is installed on the router. You can check your router device.

By going to, clicking on the System> menu and checking the Auto Sync System Configuration From Cloud menu as in the picture.

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 10-47-13.png

'Setting up on the Cloud'

Here's how to get started in the Cloud environment. Here's how:

1. Start the setting by going to the desired Hotspot menu.

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 10-42-31.png

2. Click the settings menu. The system will display a submenu. For settings, click Hotspot as in the picture.

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 10-42-46.png

'Hotspot settings'

You can start setting up the Hotspot system through the cloud. The settings are as follows.

Profile: This is a selection of settings from other Hotspot profiles that have already been set up for speed in system settings.

Enable: is to turn on the Hotspot system

DHCP: Enabling the device to distribute the IP address

Interface: is the interface used to distribute IP to client. The default is br-lan.

IP Address: Specify the gateway ip. The default is

Netmask: This specifies the netmask value. The default value is

Start IP: This is the IP address that is given to the last IP address. The default is -

Amount: is the number of IP addresses distributed. The defaut value is 244 Client (s).

Lease Time: is the lease time of the dhcp server. The default is 3 Hour (s).

DNS Server: is the ip address of dns server. The default is

AUTHEN URL: is the url website used to authen. The default is

Website Allow: is a website that allows to allow or bypass to use without login hotspot.

Authen Type is the type of authen hotspot. There are 2 values ​​to choose from: CHAP or PAP.

Login By is a special form of login Hotspot, with the following details:

MAC Cookie is to remember the login to the user in order to reduce the problem that users have to login often.
MAC is a mac authen login system.
Social is a login system via social network.

Radius 1: is the domain of radius server 1. The default is

Radius 2: is the domain of radius server 2. The default is

Radius Secret: Radius secret value.

Details as illustrated

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 10-42-46.png

'Wireless system settings'

You can set up Wireless in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz details according to the illustration.

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 11-03-57.png

'System Security Settings'

You can set the system security by having the following subsystems

- Log setting is a system to store log by can choose from 3 types

Memory is to store the log on the device. The log is not archived when the reboot log is lost.
Remote is sending log to other place. You must enter ip address and port of log server in order to send log.
USB is to store log on Thump drive or External Hard disk device via USB port. You must format the device like FAT32.

For log storage, you can keep http log. 'Use the new IP as follows ('

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 11-13-19.png