Auto Sync Cloud Configuration System Management

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'What is the Auto Sync Cloud Configuration system?'

Auto Sync Cloud Configuration is a gateway hotspot device configuration system through the cloud to facilitate system administrators. In system management

And reduce travel costs to the job site A system profile can be created for every job site to retrieve settings from one location.

'--------------------------- Start using firmware version 2.7 or later ------------ -------------------- '

(Instruction manual included [ E0% B8% AD% E0% B8% 81% E0% B8% B2% E0% B8% A3% E0% B9% 83% E0% B8% 8A% E0% B9% 89% E0% B8% 87% E0% B8% B2% E0% B8% 99_EasyZone_Cloud_Router 'EasyZone Cloud Router User's Guide' ))

'Enable Auto Sync Cloud Configuration setting'

'Turning on the system at the router'

Normally, the auto sync system will be enabled automatically since the firmware is installed on the router. You can check your router device.

By going to, clicking on the System> menu and checking the Auto Sync System Configuration From Cloud menu as in the picture.

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 10-47-13.png

'Setting up on the Cloud'

Here's how to get started in the Cloud environment. Here's how:

1. Start the setting by going to the desired Hotspot menu.

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 10-42-31.png

2. Click the settings menu. The system will display a submenu. For settings, click Hotspot as in the picture.

Screenshot from 2019-09-25 10-42-46.png