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'QR Code Hotspot Solution System'

Is the Login Wifi Hotspot system by shooting QR code through the QR Code app from the user's mobile phone instead of entering the login username password

'How to use QR Code Login'

1. User made a Wi-Fi connection

Android81 wifilabel.jpg

2. User opens the QR code scanner app to scan the QR Code.


3. Login wifi hotspot system for the user automatically

'Benefits of using the QR Code Hotspot Login system'

1. Solve the problem that the Hotspot Login page does not show when there is a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Solved the problem of blocking by the protocol https of the web browser so that it does not show the login page

3. Increase convenience for customers without having to remember the username password.

4. Increase convenience for Hotspot service providers. No need to print internet card, just use QR Code Login

5. Authen user can set the usage time, set the speed of use, separate the user according to the device (Single QR code adds multi user login) according to the Hotspot Authen process.

'IOS device QR code unsuccessful troubleshooting'

Og cu0qwzuuysq6 findmy.png


IOS devices when there is a Wi-Fi connection The system will check to the apple website to check the network to use the internet or not.

And the connection process Must be completed first every time the user presses the Home button or opens another app. Otherwise, the iOS system will cut the Wifi system

Out, when the user opens the Scan QR Code app, the system cannot login because the network wifi is disconnected.

'How to solve the problem'

Please bypass the apple website in the following list.

Go to winbox, go to winbox => ip => hotspot => walled garden, add bypass for this website.

^ www.apple.com

^ www.airport.us

^ www.itools.info

^ www.appleiphonecell.com

^ captive.apple.com

^ www.thinkdifferent.us

^ www.ibook.info

Source: http://mikrotikuy.blogspot.com/2016/10/wifi-ios-iphone-ipad-mac.html

'Unable to resolve the Android device login QR Code problem'



Some Android devices will encounter a similar problem with the iOS store, such as the Samsung Note 10 device. The system will cut off the wifi network.

When the new app is opened By which the flammable connection is not complete

'How to solve the problem'

Please bypass the android website according to the following list.

Go to winbox, go to winbox => ip => hotspot => walled garden, add bypass for this website.




www.google.com, set port 80

'Example of using QR Code system for 24 hour open coin laundry service'


'The needs of customers, the owner of the coin laundry service' '

1. To use the QR code Login system for all devices via Wifi

2. Need 1 user login at the same time with 200 devices (No need to print the card, just place the QR code tag on the front of the shop only)

3. 1 device must be limited to 3 hours per day

4. The system needs to login via Hotspot system, keep history and log usage completely.

'The setting method is as follows'

1. Login to the Cloud hotspot system.

2. Click on the Hotspot that you want to manage.

3. Choose Billing menu, set the following items

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 11-55-00.png

Plan Name: Enter your desired name, such as QR Login.

Download: Set speed download, for example 4056kbps

Upload: Set the upload speed, for example 1024kbps

Validity period: Determine the number of cycles that you want to use. In this case, set a long day, for example 1 year is 365 days or 3 years is 1095 days.

Price: up to you

After that, press the advance setting button.

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 11-56-45.png

Go to the menu 'Restricted working hours' set to 3 hours per day.

Go to the Login menu at the same time. Maximum: Set to 200 as in the picture.

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 11-59-14.png

And scroll to `` QRcode to multi user 'Click to add the login function like' Single QR code adds multi user login '

4. Go to the Account menu. Create an account for typing qr code 1 account. May set the username to qrcode and password as you wish.

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 12-01-20.png

5. Then go to the card printing menu. Select the card type as a QR code and edit. Card type by increasing the size of the QR code as needed, then previewing

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 12-02-31.png

And copy the qr code to continue to sign at the Hotspot location

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 12-03-14.png

Completed the process of creating the QR Code Hotspot Login system.