How to limit session login for admin

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System limited session login management admin system

Is the system to limit the login to use the system simultaneously of the admin in 1 user

For example, user A is restricted to login to use the admin system, only 2 sessions per 1 user

Means user A will be able to login to manage 2 admin systems at the same time, such as 1 notebook and 1 mobile phone

If the user wants to use iPad to manage another system, the system will not allow access. And show the notification as the picture

Screenshot from 2019-07-04 13-49-55.png

The system will keep the log that tries to login but the session is over as shown.

Screenshot from 2019-07-04 14-00-561.png

You can access the Staff> Admin Log menu.

Switching the device to manage the system when the session is over can be done as follows:

Logout the old device that has previously logged out from the system or wait for about 10 minutes to clear the old clear session.